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    Hi All:  I’m running for the board and I want to just share a little bit of background.  Earlier in my work history I spent about 15 years in offices doing accounts payables, receivables, payroll, purchasing and HR.  I’ve also worked on management teams, one of which was for ISO certification, which basically deals with a company’s standards and procedures.  A couple of the companies were subcontractors; industrial painting and industrial flooring.  The other companies were in the electronics industry; printed circuit board manufacturing and then product development.  Since July of 2004 I’ve been a freelance court reporter and since 2017 I’m also an active Realtor with Keller Williams Huntington Beach, while still doing court reporting.

    If you choose to elect me to be on our board, it will first be my goal to get and give clarity on our financial situation.  Working with our community’s input, other board members and with the guidance of an experienced management company, other goals will be to put a plan of action together to A) see how we can build our reserves back up without throwing good money after bad B) address immediate maintenance concerns and C) budget for the future of our aging buildings.  The ultimately goal being a happy, neighborly community that works together.

    I can’t promise dues will go down because I don’t know the actual numbers we’re working with.  I can promise that if I am on the board there will be transparency, there will be cooperation with owners, suggestions will be heard, taken into consideration and definitely welcomed.   I can also promise that any decisions will be made thoughtfully and knowledgeably.  I will strive for our board to be proactive and not reactive.  Changes will have to be made and hard decisions will have to be made, and not everyone is going to be happy, but the bottom line is what’s best for the overall community and our investments.

    If you have any questions for me, my email is michelle_wade@sbcglobal.net.

    I appreciate your time and consideration.

    Michelle (aka Shelly)


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