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    Home Owner Association Members:

    My name is Kristine Savona and I am running as a write in candidate for the Board. (Please see Board Recall – Ballot Error Post in the “Announcements” Forum)

    I would like to share with you what I would bring to the table as a Board member.   I have 20 years of office management and accounting experience. While the bulk of that time was spent with construction companies and luxury home developers, currently, I am the Western Regional Office Manager for a nationwide environmental consulting firm. Additionally, I have run a bookkeeping service from my home servicing a variety of small businesses in various industries for over a decade. This skill set allows me to effectively evaluate business operations with foresight (our HOA is a business!) and create processes to become more efficient as well as allowing me to interpret the financials, ensuring accuracy. And when I’m not working, I manage and perform with a group of accomplished professional musicians.

    With a full schedule like that, you know that I am a ‘doer’ and work tirelessly to solve problems.  I am asking for your vote.  Some of you know already I have spent many hours analyzing the financials and in discussions with my running mates since the November 8th HOA meeting.  I was the sole homeonwer in attendance and after the outcome resulted in our significant dues increase, I knew I had to take action.

    We have a lot opportunity to make improvements and my goal is to not only come up with alternate cost-effective solutions for our current maintenance issues but to evaluate what we can do differently to get us back on track, and change the culture in positive way to bring back a sense of community. Along with my fellow running mates, I believe we can reign in certain expenses, organize community events and keep you more informed about the issues we face in our association.

    One of the main concerns we face is we are potentially being taken advantage of by our contractors. With my network of friends and family in the construction industry, I will be able to tap their expertise in an effort to have another set of eyes on projects.

    Second and perhaps a more pressing issue we face has to do with chasing leaks within the fire suppression system. I believe the answer is not to re-pipe over 20 years, but to use epoxy to line the pipes. It is more cost effective, less invasive, can be done in a matter of a few days eliminating lengthy homeowner displacements, and is a solution that will last 30 years or more. While my initial research has been positive, there needs to be more discussion.

    Finally, as a member of the committee working with the current Board members to select a new management company, I can assure you the change will be positive for our community and is a huge step forward.

    Please write my name in, and indicate how many votes you wish to give (up to 5!). But please DO NOT MAIL the ballot.   Because I will need to be nominated “on the floor” at the March 11<sup>th</sup> meeting, the ballots must be brought to the meeting in order to count toward my vote tally.  If you cannot attend or are an off-site owner, I can make arrangements to have the ballot picked up as long as they are sealed and signed.

    Please reach out to me with any questions, concerns or with whatever is on your mind via email at ksavona@hotmail.com, or cell 714.336.8336

    Thank you for your support!

    Shon Lee
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    Hi Kristine,

    Just to clarify, should your name be written in the section of the ballot shown below?

    Write In Vote


    REFERENCE: Link to the “BOARD RECALL – BALLOT ERROR” post can be found at: https://www.brisasdelmarhb.com/forums/topic/board-recall-ballot-error/


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