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    Due to a clerical error, my name has inadvertently been excluded from the ballot. I am running for a seat on Board and if you wish to vote for me please do not mail your ballots in at this time.

    After this discovery, I spoke to Tary Loomis, the HOA’s attorney, about how to rectify this situation. She explained that those who wish to vote for me can write my name in, and indicate how many votes they wish to give, (up to 5) but they should not mail the ballots. The secret ballots should be brought to the meeting March 11<sup>th</sup>.

    As this in not convenient for many, and we have some off-site owners, she stated anyone could bring the ballots to the meeting, as long as they were sealed and the homeowner signed the ballot envelope.

    I propose this: I will come to you and pick up the ballot for delivery if you cannot attend the meeting. If you are not comfortable, with that, I can designate a fellow running mate to receive them or pick them up. You could also mail your sealed, secret ballot to me, or a fellow running mate, for hand delivery at the meeting.

    At the meeting, I will be nominated “on the floor” making me officially eligible to run. At that time, all the ballots will be handed in. Ballots received by the attorney prior to that with my name would not be eligible to count towards my tally.

    I need your support. While I have seen some owners at meetings, typically I am the only attendee. I was excited to attend my first meeting as a new homeowner 4 years ago, only to my disappointment, I was the only attendee, and I did not feel welcome. I, like many, feel that the meetings are a waste as they accomplish nothing and are not informative. I have questioned management judgment and Board decisions only to be dismissed. After the meeting this November where the recent increase in dues was discussed, I knew it was time to take action. I have spent countless hours researching HOA rules and regulations, and in discussion with fellow homeowners on what we could do to make positive changes.

    I, along with some of my fellow running mates came up with a plan of action. I obtained the financials and spent many weekends analyzing what was provided. As a bookkeeper, I was dismayed at the antiquated methods being used. I was dismayed at finding what seemed to be over spending in certain categories. I was dismayed about the lack of responses to questions, that as a homeowner, I have a right to know.

    I am currently on the committee to assist the Board in choosing a new management company and we have spent many hours researching and interviewing new companies. While change can be scary, I assure you this change will be positive and assist greatly in getting our community back on track.

    I need your support. I am working to help all of us save our most valuable asset, our homes. I need your support to make positive changes in our community culture and overhaul the operating processes making them more efficient.

    I will be following up with additional posts and information as to what I bring to the table as a Board member and my plans should I be elected. On the interim, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. You can reach me on my cell phone at 714-336-8336, or via email ksavona@hotmail.com.

    I look forward to speaking with all of you!


    Lisa Thompson
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    Shouldn’t they be sending out new ballots then? Can’t they get anything right? Geez.

    Kristine Savona
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    My thoughts exactly.  This just further complicates an already confusing process for some.  Because of the circumstances involved, I was told that a new ballot was not an option.

    I am still trying to determine what the exact cause of this error was.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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