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Shelly Wade
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Thank you, Vince.  I agree.  I have contacted and received, currently, only one bid for pool, gardening and was looking into laundry, but there’s other options to look into for laundry, such as, perhaps, owning our own.  I think we should consider gardening going to half time since they increased our contract from around $800 to over 1,000/month this year.  We should vote on AB968 again, the change in CC&Rs, to maybe take that $35/month and put it into our reserve pot.  Most lenders require owners get homeowner’s insurance, so it doesn’t quite make sense to pay for internals twice.  And our current insurance only covers slab leaks and burst pipes, with a $5,000 deductible, so anything other than that, such as a maintenance issue, like leaking water heater or toilet, is not covered by HOA insurance, so that’s coming out of our HOA cash pot, if repaired by the HOA at all.  I’ve spoken to many homeowners that would like us to consider looking at getting rid of cable.  I use the cable, but if the majority of our homeowners don’t use it, then I think that’s something to look at as far as putting that amount in the reserve pot.  By law, no more than 5% homeowner amenaties can be taken away annually, so there are parameters.

In the spirit of community, I had mentioned to the board, I think two years ago, that we should consider community planting days.  Instead of paying money to a gardener, we can ask for resident donations and volunteers, instead of doing what we did this summer, which is pay our gardeners $1,100 to plant plants.  It also helps residents know their neighbors, and thereby promotes safety within our community.

I have, in the past, let the board know I have a flexible schedule  and would be willing to schedule and meet with vendors for proposals, etc., and, in fact, met with and received proposals for garage door replacement, but unfortunately it was a year out when the board finally passed and announced the new garage door initiative and, therefore, the proposals had expired.  That time aside, the board has not reached out to me for assistance.  It’s my recollection that Kristine has also offered her assistance and, to my knowledge, has not been asked for assistance by the board.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

I appreciate your involvement, Vince, and look forward to your support and expertise.  Thank you.